Winter 2019-20/ Dec-Mar

Snow Shoe Trekking/Hiking in Hokkaido

White Season



Snow Shoe Trekking is very friendly winter active which from beginners can ennjoy powder snow. 

Hokkaido is the best destinination to expeience snow world and nature.

Please make the best memory of your trip in Hokkaido!




1) Sapporo Area

2) Asahikawa City – Souunkyo – Asahidake Area

3) Biei Town – Blue Pond – Shirogane Onsen Area

4) Furano City –  Mt. Tokachidake Area



Guiding Fee:

▲Half Day Snow Shoe Trekking  ( ~3hrs/walking time is about 1-1.5hrs)

1pax: ¥20,500 ~ / a group

2pax: ¥21,000 ~ / a group

3pax: ¥21,500 ~ / a group

4-5pax:¥22,000 ~ / a group


>Including:  Snow Shoe & Poles & Hot Drink

>Not including: Guide’s Transfer, Accomoadion, Cable Car Fare, Wear Rental (if required)



▲1 Day Snow Shoe Trekking/Hiking ( ~6hrs/ walking time is about 4-4.5hrs)

1pax: ¥25,500 ~ / a group

2pax: ¥27,000 ~ / a group

3pax: ¥28,500 ~ / a group

4-5pax:¥30,000 ~ / a group


>Combination of Snowshoe Trekking & Sightseeing Spots, Cafe, Luch etc. is also arrangable.  

>Including:  Snow Shoe & Poles & Hot Drink

>Not including: Transfer, Lunch, Guide’s Transfer, Accomoadion, Cable Car Fare, Wear Rental (if required)



 Wear&Gear ( please prepare by yourown ) 


Footwear (Winter Boots & Socks)

□ Insulated, waterproof Boots or Winter Lubber Boots

Wool or synthetic Socks ( Please avoid Cotton Socks… feet are easy to get sweat and get cold)


Clothing  >> Layer your clothing so it can be adjusted to your activity level and the weather. Avoid cotton.

Base layerSynthetics and wool shirts & Bottoms (long-johns) retain warmth even when wet.

Insulating layer: Polyester fleece makes a good insulating mid-layer since it retains heat when wet and breathes as you exercise.

Outer layer A waterproof Jacket and Pants keep you dry and fend off wind.


Beanie, Gloves and Accessories >>Keep your head and hands covered to prevent loss of body heat and to protect from sunburn.

A Wool Beanie / Hat

Waterproof ski Gloves or Mittens are a must to keep your hands dry and warm.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen will protect you from burning UV rays which are especially intense when reflected off of snow.

Back Packing (25~30L) >> Put Drinks, Camera & batteries, Fleece Jacket etc what you need


Snacks & Drinks >> Chocolates, Candy etc. easily gets energy.  Cold Drinks may be frozen under cold temprature

Extra Warm Jacket >> Down Jacket etc. to keep you warm during resting time)





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