Asahidake Ski Touring


Enjoy Asahidake’s Aspirin Powder!


Guiding Fee:

(yen /a person)


                   1 person     =20,000

                   Group of 2  =10,000

                   Group of 3   =8,500

                   Group of 4  =7,500



    1 person         =30,000

                   Group of 2      =15,000

                   Group of 3     = 10,000

                   Group of 4     = 8,500

>The Fee does not include the rate for cable car tickets, rental gear etc.

>Pleae cover Guide’s expenses eg. cable car tickets etc.


Booking Conditions

  1. All Participants in Asahidake Powder Touring must be equipped with avalanche safety gear (Avalanche tranceiver, Probe& Shovel) for you and your group’s safety in the case of avalanche accidents.
  2. There is a degree of hazard in all mountain activities. All participants must sign the waiver of liability prior to commencing any of programs.
  3. The Guide accepts no responsibility for the actions of persons and/or companies supplying goods and/or services as part of these packages or for any extra costs that may arise from the complication or prolongation of any program for any reason.
  4. In the unlikely event of an emergency, participants may be liable for any rescue or evacuation costs incurred either on their behalf or as a result of their actions.


Equipment :

You need to bring the following gear. Also, please make sure that you know how to use your own gear and they work properly in tour field.  Especially, if you use skins, please make sure your skins glue works in cold temperature.

  • Riding Gear  >>(skies or snowboards or split board, NOTE: please wax for the case of cold temp. )
  • Touring Gear  (optional: skins for skies and split board, and snowshoe for snowboard.)     
  • Poles
  • Boots
  • Avalanche Safery Gear (Avalanche Tranceiver, Probe, Shovel)
  • Ski Helmet   (optional)
  • Daypack or Airbag    (NOTE: It must be large enough for spare clothes & equipment)
  • Sunglasses and ski goggles  (NOTE:  It is better to have extra goggles for the case of freezing)
  • Thermos flask or water bottle   (NOTE: Water bottle and hydration system may be frozen.)
  • Snacks or Lunch
  • Sun block and Lip Cream   (optional)
  • Headlamp with fresh batteries
  • Camera   (optional)


Clothing List:

We suggest bringing light clothing of varying thicknesses that can be ‘layered’ to achieve comfort and versatility. The most important consideration for clothing is the ability to regulate temperature as you change from periods of activity to periods of rest and from the ascent to the descent.

  • Polypro underwear (top and bottom)
  • Warm pants (nylon blend, insulated or fleece)  (optional: depending on how you wear)
  • Warm shirt (not cotton)
  • Medium weight fleece sweater  (optional: depending on how you wear)
  • Fleece Jacket                (optional: depending on how you wear)
  • Light insulated jacket or vest   (NOTE: packed during the tour)
  • Waterproof jacket with hood (Gore-Tex or nylon)
  • Waterproof pants (Gore-Tex or nylon, with side zippers)
  • Socks (wool outer & polypro liner etc, no cotton socks)
  • Wool or fleece hat
  • Waterproof ski mountaineering libers and gloves or mitts (it is better to pack an extra pair)